Hot and Numbing. Harder. Harder.

During the first full week of February 2013, I enjoyed:

1.  the Superbowl blackout.  REALLY?  Super power power grid looking super bad.

2.  not being in New Orleans and Baton Rouge this week with my husband.  Post Super Bowl with no parades in between THE game and Mardi Gras early this week.  Rain and fog.

3.  the return of the robins.  They disappeared for a day or two, but they came back.

4.  seeing a patriot getting into his car in the parking lot of my son’s condo in Williamsburg.  I love the historical quirkiness of the ordinary.

5.  meeting Heinz the hedgehog (son’s pet) for the first time.  He (the hedgehog) is cute but boring.

6.  knowing the Virginia Legislature saved itself from another year of embarrassment and national disgust by nixing the misguided power grab to rejigger election districts again.

7.  watching the USA Curling Nationals on

Harder. Harder.

8. walking down the Duke of Gloucester Street on a lovely winter afternoon and not sweating.

9.  eating at Peter Chang’s on Chinese New Year’s Eve.  Hot and numbing shredded tofu skin.  Yum!  Seriously.

10.  drinking coffee and tea with my family outside of Aroma’s in Williamsburg in the cold, sunny weather.  Very nice.

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